Today am thankful for this blog post from Naomi…I have already been through this a couple of times and it has encouraged me every single time..

Your Creative Journal

When I read Bernadette Haddon’s post about personal gratitude and political change, I decided to join the 52 week thankfulness quest. I love the idea of being and bringing more of what we love and want in our world. So this is week 1 for me. But I hit a snag …

This journal page is my meditation on a quote that I saw last week on my niece’s bookshelf. It framed a photo of a very precious pet that had been lost suddenly and traumatically. Her sister had given it to her.

You might be wondering what that quote has to do with thankfulness … or, specifically, discovering I had a problem with trying to express thankfulness.

As I prepared to write my first post on this subject, I noticed that thankfulness can bring up fear of losing who or what we’re grateful about.

Does that seem strange to…

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