A thank you, Every day

A new year resolution to be thankful every day

Teacher life


All the time I spent doing craft and painting, I never once imagined that I will end up teaching it. Continue reading “Teacher life”



Okay…So this is a ‘thank you’ long overdue. Continue reading “Fellowship”

Joy of availability


Guess what? Office cafeteria started selling ‘Chicken momos’!! 😀 Continue reading “Joy of availability”


Thankful for spoons!! Continue reading “Spoon???”

Boost up!!

Thankful for this boost up.

Join in on #athankyoueveryday with your posts.

Leftover love

When a leftover Christmas decoration reminds you that love and kindness should not be limited to the season alone.

Thankful for this reminder.

Food delivery

Thankful for the food delivery services a the guy in the team who felt like ordering from outside…




From ice cream with truffle to lays and bun, combos are fun!!

Thankful for this master chef moment when the combo accidently turned to be yum!


Thankful for ALARMS!!

Ah! If not for this, we would be missing all timelines and be sleeping all day if possible!

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