A thank you, Every day

A new year resolution

Team work

Well, you gotta admit that teamwork divides the load and multiples the opportunities.

Thankful for a nice taste of team work today!!

A busy day

Thankful for a busy day with friends.

A productive day is when you forget to check your phone.


Cuteness overload

giphy (2)

This made my day today!!

Thankful for the world of animations

Another multipurpose wonder

What better time to be thankful for tissues than when you have a cold ๐Ÿ˜€


This is something to be more than thankful for.

For wonderful parents, a great home and a lovely family.. Thankful forever.

Socks thief


In spite of missing socks and pilling of clothes, I am thankful for this invention.

I like cooking, I like cleaning…But I certainly DO NOT like washing clothes with hand.

Up and down

All jokes aside, I am thankful for elevators.

Disclaimer: The author doesn’t promote elevator use for less than 3 floors. That’s laziness and ticket to obesity.

I said YES

Today, I am thankful for the strength God has given me to say “YES” to opportunities. 

An item off the checklist

Today, I finally had a day of long overdue rest.

After a hectic week, I am thankful for this day of doing NOTHING!!

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