A thank you, Every day

A new year resolution

Plan B

I am that person who packs 2 additional set of clothes for just an overnight stay.

Today, am thankful for those plan B’s.

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Rain, rain come again

Thankful for the pouring.. It was a pleasant break from the scorching heat

#Rain from 17th floor

#Closer to the clouds πŸ˜€

Yummy promises!!

Thankful for SALT!!

Do I even need to start on how priceless it is?? Continue reading “Yummy promises!!”


I love lemon πŸ‹.

Juice, soda, squeezed on veggies or added to curries or lemon tea 😍 Continue reading “Lemon!!”

100 Days


Today, I am thankful for 100 days.

100 days of:Β 

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Happy food

We all have ‘happy food’ that makes us all nostalgic and happy!! Continue reading “Happy food”

The joy of giving

Today I am thankful for the ‘joy of giving’.


#New phone for dad

Voice of sirens

Today, I am thankful for the voice of sirens.
It is a voice that makes me pause and pray. Continue reading “Voice of sirens”

An ordinary day


IMG_20170407_105614500-01Today I wanna be thankful for the plain regular day I had..

Contrary to normal belief, I think the normal days are the greatest MIRACLES!! Continue reading “An ordinary day”

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