A thank you, Every day

A new year resolution to be thankful every day

Office cabs

"Hey! That was my stop back there!"

Not only does it saves you some money, but it also makes lazy bums like me, get ready early and reach office on time. Continue reading “Office cabs”


Opportunity to Get an Education


Looking back to the internship days, I was reminded of the patient counselling duty we used to have on rotational basis. Continue reading “Opportunity to Get an Education”

Mighty examples set before us

Today, I am thankful for the great men of God who spent their lives for the kingdom work..

Continue reading “Mighty examples set before us”

Strength to say Thanks


Today, am thankful for the strength to say thanks even in midst of storms. Continue reading “Strength to say Thanks”



That is one great invention, especially for us ladies who spend more than required time in front of this. Continue reading “Mirrors”

Tiny desires fulfilled


Thankful for the God who hears our silent prayers and sees our tiniest desires. Continue reading “Tiny desires fulfilled”

The light


Nope, this isn’t a thank you for ‘light’ but for ‘the light’. Continue reading “The light”

Grace will


It is not me or anything I have done, but His grace that brought me thus far. Continue reading “Grace will”

The tiniest ray of hope


In the deep pit of darkness, even the tiniest ray of hope is enough! Continue reading “The tiniest ray of hope”

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