A thank you, Every day

A new year resolution to be thankful every day

Inner strength!!


Thankful for the strength He has placed in me. Else, I would have given up long back. Continue reading “Inner strength!!”


Water bottle pockets


Thankful for these tiny pockets outside the bag that holds the bottles. Continue reading “Water bottle pockets”

Hurray to ‘Not given up yet’


Thankful to the strength that is keeping me up from crashing or being stagnant.



Some days, it is just enough to be ‘Alive’!!




Sometimes, all you need is to get through the day without breaking down or making a mess of yourself. Continue reading “Just!!”

Charcoal pencils

Even when things are just ain’t right, good to have charcoal pencils to vent out the struggle!!


Though public restrooms are a big pain, it’s something to be thankful for… Just because it’s there…

Continue reading “Restrooms”

All the good times

What to thank for when you feel all caged up?

The good times you had till now… When you weren’t caged!!

Thankful for the happy days with freedom and joy.. the sun will rise again!!

Failed shots

Thankful for accidental occurrences that turn out to be exceptional.

Continue reading “Failed shots”

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