A thank you, Every day

A new year resolution

Smile sip smile

Thankful for this simple refreshing drink.



A long day

Aching feet, sleepy eyes..

Still the fact remains:

A day spent with a friend is a day well spent

Thankful for that!!

ME time

To curl up in bed, watching FRIENDS on TV, munching on your favourite snacks…Ah!! The joy!

Thankful for some ‘Me time’

The right source

And just when I ran out of inspiration for being thankful…I got hit by the triple hurricane, from the BEST n reliable source.

Thank you Lord for this




Thankful for the safe journey, familiar surroundings and bath towels 😀
Having a colourful towel sure does cheer me up!!


Thankful​ for sleeper tickets and upper berth.

For someone who hates traveling, I can’t help but love these upper berth sleeper!!

And the truth shall…..

Thankful for the freedom from legalism.

To find the truth is to find freedom

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 I know that our telephones have grown up a lot in the last few decades but today I am thankful for the invention.

It’s easier to improvise than to invent!!


Thankful for the memories of living in the 90s.

Ah, those were good times 🙂

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