A thank you, Every day

A new year resolution to be thankful every day

Thank you Lord

Thankful for this challenge that I took up to be thankful each day for an entire year! Continue reading “Thank you Lord”

New beginnings

new-beginnings-blogToday, I am sooo thankful that I finally did the one thing I have been trying to fix for months. Continue reading “New beginnings”

Chains are broken

Today, I am reminded of how much legalism has blinded the eyes of people.

Continue reading “Chains are broken”

Fooding days

And today it’s a whole big cake 🍰

Continue reading “Fooding days”

Chocolate shake

Food is always enjoyed when it is affordable and not overpriced.

Continue reading “Chocolate shake”

Musical instruments

Thankful for guitars, trumpets, keyboards, drums and what not!

Continue reading “Musical instruments”

Merry Christmas!!


It’s the season of love, joy and peace!!

Continue reading “Merry Christmas!!”



Thankful for the sunrises in life. Continue reading “Sunrise”

Potrait mode


Thankful for the portrait mode in mew phone. Continue reading “Potrait mode”

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