A thank you, Every day

A new year resolution to be thankful every day

Variety spices it up

Thankful for the variety in ‘everything’.

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Hang it up

Thankful for hangers!!

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Thankful for potatoes

French fries, Mashed potatoes, Potato chips… Give it to me in any form, and am happpyyyy

An ounce of wisdom -Shared post 

Tips to Stay on Track Part- 2

Today, am thankful for this ounce of wisdom

Sweet tooth


Though am not a sugar lover, I wouldn’t mind munching sweet at the end of a meal. Continue reading “Sweet tooth”

Happy tummy

318a1e9652d8bf6691eafb9f57ba5d4dThankful for a full tummy. 

A full tummy is a happy tummy

Even when you have the means or time to have tasty food, it just doesn’t happen always. Feeling the joy of a full tummy today. 

Thankful for this.


comfort (1) Continue reading “Comfort”

Run past the rain


What do you do when your entire wardrobe is out on the terrace to dry and you see dark clouds? RUN!!! Continue reading “Run past the rain”

Yuck! Medicines

No, I am not sick today

Just thankful for medicines; from the age of herbal medicines to genetic therapies, there have been great breaks in the field of medicine. Continue reading “Yuck! Medicines”

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