A thank you, Every day

A new year resolution

This post-Thanks For Keeping Me Going


Electrical failure cartoon

Well, when your iron-box decides to morph into a burning bush and send the whole floor into power shut down, what else to thank for except HIS PROTECTION. Continue reading “Protection”

Learning to appreciate


Well, just what it says…

Thankful for a day that makes me appreciate all the good days I had and will have!

Continue reading “Learning to appreciate”

Girls chit chat


Today am thankful for the chat time with my college friends. 

Girls talk is always fun!!

Monday wisdom


Thankful for this Monday wisdom!


Though I admit to hoping that that constant buzz inside my head pauses and my imagination doesn’t run so wild, I am thankful for this gift that makes it all beautiful!!

Becoming a child

Thankful for not losing the childishness in me!! (Though it’s not so fun for others :P) Continue reading “Becoming a child”

Hike smileys

Thankful for cute hike smileys

I wish WhatsApp would also include these!!

Food trucks

Thankful for food trucks in office compound.

A giant burger and an ice cream scoop later..Ahhh!!! Happiness 🙂

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