A thank you, Every day

A new year resolution to be thankful every day

Sandwich, Ma’am?

Who here isn’t thankful for toasters and sandwich makers?

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Crossed out lists


And it is time for the last item on the list : GOING HOME! Continue reading “Crossed out lists”


The little women was one of the first classics I read. It was an interesting read that made me laugh out loud, cry at the sad parts and overall, fall in love with the characters.

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Stepping out

This is one big thanks I owe to God in 2017.

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Amazing voices!

Today, I wanna thank God for all those who have beautiful voices. Continue reading “Amazing voices!”


original (1)

It is the joy of giving surprise I am thankful for today!! Continue reading “Suprise!!”

Christmas trees


It is a joy to see these things everywhere. Thankful for the joy that this season spreads.

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I cant believe I haven’t thanked for this yet!! Continue reading “Family!!”

Christmas ornaments


Thankful for Christmas ornaments!! Continue reading “Christmas ornaments”

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